Tamiya’s main goal is to offer the world the most rewarding plastic modeling experience possible, and we have lots to choose from.

Tamiya is a Japanese manufacturer that produces high-quality remote control (RC) cars and other hobby products. Tamiya RC cars are known for their attention to detail and excellent performance, making them popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts.

In Sydney, Tamiya has a strong presence in the RC car community. Hobby shops in the area carry a wide variety of Tamiya RC cars, parts, and accessories. One popular location for Tamiya enthusiasts in Sydney is OneStop RC Hobbies in Rydalmere. The store carries many Tamiya products, including RC cars, model kits, and paint.

Tamiya RC cars come in various types, including on-road, off-road, and drift cars. Each type has unique features and characteristics catering to specific driving styles. On-road Tamiya RC cars are designed for high-speed driving on smooth surfaces like asphalt, while off-road vehicles are built for rough terrain and challenging obstacles. Drift cars are specially designed for controlled oversteering and precise handling around corners.

Tamiya RC cars are known for their attention to detail, and collectors highly seek their replica models. The company produces replicas of popular vehicles like the Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, and Toyota Supra. Tamiya’s replica models feature realistic details, including accurate body designs, suspension systems, and engine sounds.

In addition to RC cars, Tamiya produces a wide range of hobby products, including model kits, paints, and accessories. Their model kits cover various subjects, including military vehicles, aircraft, and ships. Tamiya’s paints are known for their vibrant colours and excellent coverage, making them popular among hobbyists and model builders.

Tamiya is a reputable and respected RC car and hobby brand. Their products are known for their high quality and attention to detail, making them popular among hobbyists and enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a high-quality RC car or hobby product, Tamiya is an excellent choice, and our store in Rydalmere is a great place to start.