Traxxas Unlimited Dessert Racer 4WD Race Truck with TSM RED

Traxxas Unlimited Dessert Racer 4WD Race Truck with TSM RED

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Colour- RED


Pro-Scale is a new Traxxas innovation that captures true-scale realism and combines it with extreme 6s LiPo power and 50+ mph performance. The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer faithfully captures the look and feel of Trophy Trucks and Unlimited Trick Trucks as they charge hard across the desert at full speed.


The Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer is engineered on an authentic, true to scale 4-wheel drive desert race truck chassis. The 4-link solid rear axle design provides huge suspension travel with authentic driving dynamics. From the cantilever sway bars to the 8 GTR shocks, Traxxas has accurately reproduced a true unlimited desert race chassis in both form and function.



The 50+ mph Unlimited Desert Racer delivers its pro-level performance with brutal 6s power. The VXL-6s ESC combines massive power handling with high-tech telemetry features. An ultra-tough drivetrain harnesses the extreme power to make it easy to control and fun to drive.


Explore these key features to see how every design element on the Unlimited Desert Racer combines to create an authentic and thrilling driving experience.


The unlimited desert race chassis’ unique solid rear axle design combines with the 4-link geometry to eliminate torque twist. It puts 6s power to the ground like nothing else, tracking arrow straight while accelerating and then rotating on demand for effortless on-throttle power slides. The authentic true-scale driving dynamics challenge your skill behind the wheel in fun and exciting new ways.


Beneath the Unlimited Desert Racer’s tough exterior and beautifully sculpted, fully-integrated tube frame chassis are the keys to its thrilling performance. Peer beneath the skin to discover what lies at the heart of this revolutionary new off-road vehicle.


Truck Specs



27.32 inches (694mm)

Front Track:

13.57 inches (345mm)

Rear Track:

13.57 inches (345mm)

Ground Clearance:

2.27 inches (58mm)


13.4lb (6.1kg)


10.29 inches (261mm)


16.53 inches (420mm)

Front Shock Length:

5.28 inches (134mm)

Front Threaded Shock Length:

5.28 inches (134mm)

Rear Shock Length:

6.3 inches (160mm)

Rear Threaded Shock Length:

5.55 inches (139mm)

Tires (pre-glued):

134mm x 57mm BFGoodrich® KR3 replicas


dual diameter 40mm x 56/81mm

Speed Control:

Velineon® VXL-6s

Motor (electric):



Direct-drive with Torque-Biasing Center Drive

Overall Drive Ratio:


Front Differential Type:

Sealed, 4-gear

Rear Differential Type:

Locked spool

Center Differential Type:

Sealed, 4-gear (1M weight oil)

Chassis Structure / Material:

Inverted composite tub

Brake Type:


Drive System:

Shaft driven 4WD


Dual bellcranks with ball bearings

Radio System:

TQi 2-channel transmitter with 6533 TSM receiver


2075X Metal Gear

Top Speed (stock gearing):

4s LiPo – 30+ mph, 6s LiPo – 50+ mph

Skill Level:


Battery Compartment:

181mm x 46mm x 56mm

Motor Specs


Sensorless brushless


14.32oz (406g)


2.97 inches (75.5mm)


1.65 inches (41.8mm)

Connector Type:

Traxxas 6.5mm bullet connectors

ESC Specs

Input Voltage (cells):

4s–6s LiPo (max: 25.2 volts)

Case Size:

2.28” (58mm) x 2.83” (72mm) x 1.81” (46mm)


7.30oz (207g)

On-Resistance (@Trans) - Fwd/Rev:

0.0003 Ohms per phase

Reverse Delay:

Yes, with lockout

Low Voltage Detection (LVD):

Yes, programmable

Features List

  • VXL-6s Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
    • 6s LiPo compatible
    • Integrated cooling fan
    • Real-time telemetry via Traxxas Link
    • Machined heat sink
    • 3-LED status indicators
    • Powered accessory ports
    • 10-gauge silicone wire
  • Velineon® 2200kV Brushless Motor
  • 4-pole 2200kV brushless motor
  • 5mm output shaft
  • Finned can for better heat dissipation
  • Up to 50+ mph with Two 3s LiPo Batteries
  • Improves straight line acceleration and braking on low-traction surfaces
  • Maintains steering composure to allow throttle-on powerslides
  • Never dulls throttle or slows the truck
  • Adjusts from off to 100% assistance from the transmitter
  • TQi 2-channel transmitter
  • Automatically stores and loads settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link enabled models
  • Programmable multi-function knob
  • Adjustable steering and throttle percentage (dual rates)
  • Adjustable steering and throttle sensitivity (exponential)
  • Adjustable steering and throttle end points
  • High 13ms frame rate and near-zero latency for responsive control
  • 5-channel micro receiver (#6533) with fail-safe security
  • Patented waterproof receiver box with easy-access plug
  • Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM)
  • TQi 2.4GHz High Output Radio System
  • Large Pro-Scale Body with Highly Detailed Replica Parts
    • Heavy-duty truck body mounts to chassis in multiple locations
    • Strong and functional tube frame mimics full-size off-road racers
    • Detailed interior cabin with driver figures
    • Replica brake calipers and discs with integrated 17mm wheel hubs
    • Two fully-functional spare tires and functional spare driveshaft
    • Highly detailed replica parts: fire extinguishers, shock reservoirs, jack, and tools
    • Realistic side plates mount to tube frame
  • Chassis
  • Composite inverted tub design
    • Makes maintenance easier
    • Lowers center of gravity (CG) for improved handling
    • Allows easy access to components
  • Tough skid plates protect critical components
  • Fully integrated tube frame for scale appearance and added rigidity
  • Reinforced bumpers to absorb impacts
  • ESC battery plugs hard mounted to chassis
  • Accommodates single 4-cell LiPo or dual 2-cell or 3-cell LiPo batteries
  • Opens from underneath without removing body
  • Fixed oversized battery strap locks batteries securely into place
  • Separate skid plate to protect batteries
  • Innovative Battery Compartment
  • Suspension
    • Provides scale looks and authentic off-road driving dynamics
    • Tough independent double-wishbone front suspension with captured rod ends
    • Triangulated 4-link rear suspension with solid rear axle (patent pending)
    • Tough composite trailing arms
    • Steel upper links with 3 optional positions for suspension tuning
    • Eight long-travel aluminum GTR shocks; four with springs and adjustable ride height collars
    • Realistic and functional front and rear sway bars
    • Detailed functional limit straps on rear axle
  • Steering
  • Chassis mounted #2075X metal-gear servo
  • Dual bellcrank design with bearings and integrated servo saver
  • Solid non-adjustable steering links for rugged durability
  • Steel CV driveshafts (front) with 6mm stub axles
  • Steel straight axle (rear)
  • Oil-filled limited slip front differential
  • Locked steel spool (rear)
  • Heavy-duty splined front driveshaft
  • Fixed-length steel rear driveshaft
  • All-steel gear direct drive transmission
  • Torque-Biasing Center Drive
  • Removes as a single piece for easy maintenance
  • Fixed-pin gear mesh system
  • Replica BFGoodrich® KR3 off-road tires
  • Beadlock-style 17mm dual-diameter wheels
  • Drivetrain
  • Transmission
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Hex Hardware with Rust-Resistant Black Oxide Coating

What’s In The Box:

Unlimited Desert Racer with VXL-6s ESC and 2200kV motor

Quick Start Guide

TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system

High quality maintenance tools

What You’ll Need:


Unlimited Desert Racer accepts a single 4s LiPo battery or dual 2s LiPo batteries or dual 3s LiPo batteries


Traxxas EZ-Peak Live charger (2971) is recommended for easy and fast charging performance

AA Alkaline Batteries

Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter

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