Axial Yeti XL 4WD RTR 1/8th Scale Electric Truck

Axial Yeti XL 4WD RTR 1/8th Scale Electric Truck

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The Axial Yeti XL™ Monster Buggy - a new category, a new frontier, a new dimension. From the beginning of the concept through the design phase, we drew upon our brand philosophy to develop and deliver something different to the R/C monster truck arena. Monster trucks are known for bashability, so we jumped head first into the segment by creating a vehicle with insane brushless power along with features that would allow it to withstand the abuse that comes with the territory. From the outset, the goal of maintaining brand heritage was a priority. Our research and development team took those traits and attributes, mixed them with the Axial design ethos which is heavily rooted in full size rock racing, and developed what could be considered the next level in R/C monster truck design.

The playground just got a lot smaller – YETI XL™


The Yeti XL™ is powered by a Castle Creations 2200KV 4-pole Vanguard XL brushless motor and it's equipped with the industry’s first 8th scale solid rear axle with an independent front suspension [IFS] chassis system. Everything's kept under control by massive 20mm aluminum shock bodies that house Big Bore 16™ (16mm) pistons on beefy 4mm shock shafts which help maintain high speed stability when running through a wide variety of terrain. With this, we have yet again skirted the mainstream and delivered a vehicle that falls into its own niche, the Monster Buggy.

Solid Rear Axle

The AR60 XL™ solid rear axle is constructed from high strength composite material which has a low flex rate but is not as brittle as standard glass filled nylon. An added reinforced axle truss strengthens the rear axle by reducing flex and by distributing the force of potentially damaging impacts. The combination of our axles and a true 4-link suspension gives you optimal performance for any terrain with the look of a real 1:1 vehicle. Maintenance is easy - simply remove four screws to access the rear differential.


2200KV Brushless Motor, Water Resistant

When you are talking big chassis and big wheel combinations, there is one company that stands out when it comes to BIG POWER and that is Castle Creations! The Axial Yeti XL™ is powered by a Castle Creations 2200KV 4-pole brushless motor which provides unimaginable amounts of power, amazing torque and blazing-speed for this rock bashing monster.

WB XL CVJ Rear Driveshaft

This design uses less parts for a stronger, more durable and tighter fitment. While this is a more compact design, it uses larger diameter bearings to keep the input gear stable under instant heavy power. Axial has continually developed our plastic driveshafts and has taken this accumulative knowledge and put it into this beefy driveshaft. The composite material was specifically chosen for it's resistance to heat and the ability to withstand direct impact.

•    Less slop = less driveline clunk with instant power transfer
•    Captured cross pin design, no set screws to lose
•    Increased surface area at the connection between the ball joint and the composite drive shaft
•    Captured cross pin design eliminates older set screw design for more durability and easy maintenance

All Metal / HI-LO Transmission

Metal where it matters most! The Yeti XL™ features an all metal gear transmission specifically designed for this chassis, along with CNC cut metal gears in both the front and rear differentials. With all metal internal gears, this full ball bearing transmission has the strength to endure the harshest rock racing environment and brushless power. The factory gearbox comes as a single speed with the high gear installed for high speed fun. The integrated motor mount features a wide range of movement for endless gearing options.

Optional two-speed transmission component sold separately.

Dual Slipper Clutch

Our dual slipper design uses an aluminum pad on each side of the spur gear which provides the right amount of slip for performance and heat resistance for durability. The all-metal spur gear features 32 pitch gearing for high torque applications.

Protective Transmission Cover

Helps keep dirt and debris out of your pinion and spur gear for a quiet and efficient drivetrain, and it also prevents any loose wires from getting chewed up!

CNC Metal Cut Gears

Massive brushless power requires heavy duty drivetrain components. The Yeti XL™ features hardened steel CNC cut metal gears in both the front and rear differentials for the ultimate in strength and durability.

WB XL CVJ Prop Shaft

The rebuildable prop shaft delivers the power from the transmission to the front differential. The prop shaft features an all metal, super strong CVJ design and they're completely rebuildable.

Front CVJ Metal Universals

The front universals feature an all metal, super strong CVJ design and they're completely rebuildable. The benefit of a universal joint is an increased steering angle and precise fitment for an efficient driveline. The captured pin design allows for better reliability and easier maintenance.

Aluminum Chassis Braces

The Yeti XL™ features integrated upper and lower aluminum chassis braces to increase stiffness and durabilty.

Independent Front Suspension (IFS)

The Yeti™ is equipped with an Independent Front Suspension [IFS] system to help maintain high speed stability when running through a diverse range of terrain. Every rock the Yeti XL™ will encounter is individual. They come in random sizes and are scattered throughout the course, making the terrain varied from one side of the vehicle to the other. The IFS system allows you to better control the intended direction of travel at high speeds when one side is adjusting to overcome road obstructions. This stability that the IFS front end provides is paramount when rock bashing.

Big Bore 16™ Shocks

In the suspension department, the Yeti XL™ is equipped with the industry’s first 1/8th scale solid rear axle with an independent front suspension [IFS] setup. The suspension is controlled by massive 20mm aluminum shock bodies that house big bore 16mm pistons on beefy 4mm shock shafts to help maintain high speed stability when running through a diverse range of terrain. Precision machined Big Bore 16™ shocks are standard equipment and deliver smooth suspension movement for consistent handling.

4-Linked Rear Suspension

The Yeti XL™ features the massive AR60 XL™ solid rear axle with 4-linked rear suspension. The Yeti XL™ chassis offers multiple upper link positions to adjust the anti-squat. These tuning options will help you get the most performance from your rig.

3.8 Raceline Monster Wheels

Raceline is by far the most popular wheel for extreme off-road duty. Their ability to stand up to the abuse demanded by the full-size racer and their show quality finish is second to none. The officially licensed Raceline Monster gives the Yeti XL™ that authentic racing look as well as providing the strength to handle whatever you can dish out! With a name like Monster, you know this Raceline wheel is ready to bash!
Wheel Size: 96mm (3.8") diameter

Bfgoodrich® Krawler™ T/A® KX Tires

BFGoodrich has more than three decades of off-road racing commitment under their belt, scoring 23 SCORE Baja 1000 championships and 26 Score Baja 500 championships from 1975 - 2010! In the full-size off-road world, BFGoodrich® Krawler™ T/A® KX tires are the winner of more rock-crawling championships than all other tires combined (Race spec tire, Years 2004 through 2008). The Axial version of this tire captures the same aggressive look and provides awesome performance on a wide variety of surfaces. This is the perfect tire for this style of vehicle due to its high level of performance and diversity.

Water Resistant

The included Tactic TSX45 metal gear servo is rated at 151 oz-in of torque for massive turning power and dual ball bearings provide smooth and precise movement for the metal gear train.

Easy Access Battery Tray

Twin battery trays can be easily accessed by removing the two front body pins and pivoting the entire body up. Install or remove your batteries by removing the remaining body pins. Foam blocks are included to help keep the batteries in place.

Battery tray dimensions: Length: 6.89in (175mm), Height: 1.3in (33mm), Width: 1.7in (43mm)

Recommended Batteries: 2x 2S 7.4V LiPo packs, or 2x 3S 11.1V LiPo packs.
Minimum 25C rating

Vanguard AE-4 XL ESC, Waterproof

Developed by Castle Creation for Axial, the Vanguard ESC provides exceptional power, braking and adjustability. The ESC comes standard with Deans® Ultra Plugs®. The ESC can be programmed manually via Castle Field Programming Card or through the Castle Link software interface (optional).

Recommended Batteries: 4S / 6S LiPo

Deans® and Ultra Plugs® are registered trademarks of W.S. Deans Co. U.S. Patent No. 5,533,91

Easy Chassis Access

Pull two pins and pop the hood for complete access to chassis components.

Receiver Box, Waterproof

A waterproof receiver box is integrated into the bottom of the Yeti XL™ chassis. Three different silicone seals are included, one for the antenna, one for the servo wires (includes three slots for three channels), and one acts as a gasket for the receiver box cover. No more stress when running in mud, water, or snow!

3-Channel 2.4ghz Receiver

The AR-3 2.4 GHz receiver uses no crystals so you'll experience worry free driving with no frequency conflicts. This lightweight, compact, and bind button equipped receiver with LED indicator makes setup easy!

2.4GHz Radio For Worry-Free Driving

The AX-3 2.4GHz transmitter is a two channel, pistol grip radio with servo reversing switches for steering and throttle, trim dials for fine tuning steering and throttle centers. The battery indicator light also lets you know when your transmitter batteries run low.


•    Length 25.75in (654mm)
•    Width: 16.3in (414mm)
•    Height: 11.10in (282mm)
•    Wheelbase: 18.5in (470mm)
•    Ground Clearance: 2.48in (63mm)
•    Weight: 12.75lbs (5.78kg)
•    Motor: Brushless 2200KV 4 Pole Electric Motor
•    Radio: AX-3 2.4GHz transmitter
•    Servos: Tactic TSX45, 151 oz-in
•    ESC: Vanguard AE-4 XL

Recommended Terrain

•    Desert
•    Offroad

Required (not included)

•    battery
•    charger
•    AA batteries
•    Battery: 2S or 3S LiPo Pack (batteries not included)

NOTE: Battery Must Have Deans® Ultra Plug® Connector.


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