Castle Creations Sidewinder 4 Brushless ESC

Castle Creations Sidewinder 4 Brushless ESC

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  • 2s 3s LiPo; 6 8 cell NiMH use in vehicles up 6.5lbs with battery, readytorun.
  • Sensorless brushless and/or brushed motor operation.
  • Waterproof design ESC and splash resistant 30MM fan
  • 5.0 volts fixed, 2 amps Peak BEC
  • Audible alerts for error conditions
  • Enhanced drag brake functionality
  • Smoother sensorless startups
  • Convenient transmitter programming for six common adjustable settings
  • Telemetry Capable
  • Castle Link compatible

While the all new SIDEWINDER 4™ builds upon Castle’s most popular platform, the SIDEWINDER 1:10 SCALE SERIES, it is the first of its kind to run Castle’s newest technology, CRYO-DRIVE™. CRYO-DRIVE™ combines technology with cutting-edge hardware and software advancements to increase thermal performance. COOLER TEMPS mean LONGER RUNS and MORE POWER in your SIDEWINDER 4 setup.

The SIDEWINDER 4 is a versatile ESC and is accepted in a wide variety of applications.  Whether throwing dirt, ripping through a corner or steadily dominating the trails, we’ve got you covered!  

Not intended for operation while submerged in liquid. If the unit is operated in wet conditions, rinse with fresh water to remove dirt or corrosives, then fully dry unit.

**Brushed motors are recommended for rock crawlers (vehicles travelling 3-5mph.) Brushless motors are fine for use with rock racing. If your vehicle is going to be in a bound up situation, very slowly traversing rocks and obstacles, you are running a rock crawler. If you are constantly travelling at 5mph or higher, you have a rock racer.

Now with Cryo-Drive!

Cryo-Drive technology is the result of Castle Creations' software and electrical engineers putting their heads together to improve the thermal performance of the well-known Sidewinder 3 electronic speed control. Castle has developed new software that minimizes the amount of time the ESC's electrical components spend generating heat by optimally controlling which components are being used while driving the motor. This is happening thousands of times per second, which greatly reduces the rate at which the Sidewinder 4 heats up. Overall, the Sidewinder 4 generates heat much slower than previous versions.

This software breakthrough has been coupled with a completely re-designed case. A great deal of time was spent studying fluid dynamics simulations in order to optimize the airflow through the case. Improving the airflow into and out of the case, allows the cooling fan to become more effective. In order to take full advantage of the improved airflow efficiencies, a 44% larger, higher flowrate 30mm fan was selected. The improved case coupled with the 30mm fan significantly increases the Sidewinder 4's ability to remove heat from critical components, such as MOSFETs and capacitors.

By reducing the rate at which the Sidewinder 4 heats up and removing heat more efficiently, Cryo-Drive takes thermal performance to a whole new level. The Sidewinder 4 allows users to push beyond the limits of previous generation Sidewinders by handling higher gear ratios in heavier vehicles with longer runs.

Castle Link Compatible

With the optional Castle Link USB Programming Kit you can use your Windows™ PC to easily program your controller. Adjustable settings include:

  • Throttle curve
  • Braking curve
  • Drag brake
  • Auto LiPo cutoff
  • Punch Control
  • Reverse Type
  • Motor Type

Additional Castle Link benefits include:

  • Access to all firmware updates, including added features sets released from Castle Engineering, at no charge.
  • Intuitive Demo Mode capability.
  • Ability to save setup profiles for later use.


  • Input Voltage Range:2s - 3s LiPo; 6 - 8 cell NiMH
  • BEC Specifications:5.0 volts fixed, 2 amps.
  • Operating Environment:Waterproof* design allows for use in nearly any environment
  • Brake:Proportional
  • Reversible:Yes, but may be disabled for racing.
  • On/Off Switch:Yes
  • Cooling Fan:30mm fan included
  • ESC Size:L: 52.92mm x W:38.05mm x H: 32.56mm
  • ESC Weight (w/wires):2.26 oz. (64 g)
  • Connectors:4mm female bullets for motor connection.
  • Items Needed for Operation:Battery Connector required; Castle 4mm polarized connectors, Dean's Ultra Plug, or Traxxas Power Connector recommended.

Product Use Statements:

*Although Sidewinder 4 is waterproof, it is not intended for operation while completely submerged in liquid. They can corrode when exposed to corrosive materials, such as salt water. Always rinse the ESC with clean water after exposure to corrosives or dirt. While the controller may be waterproof, we suggest users confirm that the rest of their vehicle, including the batteries, servos, radio and chassis are also waterproof before exposing them to liquids of any kind.

Application Guidelines:

The 1415-2400kv is ideal for short course trucks running on 3s LiPo and weighing up to 6.5 lbs; it can be run on a 2s LiPo but will be very slow. It is a cooling running torque animal for lighter 1/10th scale 2WD stadium trucks and buggies running on a 3s LiPo.

Max. Recommended Vehicle Weight:No more than 6.5lbs with battery, ready-to-run.


Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software.

Telemetry Link Capable:Yes



QuicRun 10BL60 Sensored

Sensored Brushless ESC


Product Number: HW30108000

Current: 60A

Input: 2-3S LiPo/4-9 Cells NiMH

Best Combination:

QuicRun 3650


1/10th Touring Cars/Buggies/Drift Cars/F1


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