Kyosho MINI-Z FWD RENAULT MEGANE R.S. Tonic Orange Readyset

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New FWD chassis introduces front wheel drive to the MINI-Z series for the first time.

To make the MR-03 Readyset even more user-friendly and appealing to more drivers, Kyosho introduces the completely new front wheel drive chassis design in the first FWD chassis of the MINI-Z series! Widely popular body styles in highly detailed body sets create the incredibly realistic MINI-Z FWD series lineup. A newly developed transmitter delivers precise control from the optimal weight balance of the new chassis design that incorporates the proven reliability and durability of the AWD’s drive train and suspension, as well as the servo from the MR-03. In addition to the inherent straight line stability and easy steering control of front wheel drive, linear handling from the new control program on the newly designed circuit board can be further enhanced for even easier control characteristics by installing the optional gyro unit (MZW431). Including the latest Syncro KT-531P transmitter with steering trim, throttle trim, dual rate, LED control function, and sponge steering wheel for comfort fit, the car has a control feeling that loses nothing to rear wheel drive MINI-Z racers. The new MINI-Z FWD presents a new way to enjoy the performance and style only the MINI-Z can deliver!

*Syncro KT-531P transmitter uses FHSS 2.4GHz and is not compatible with existing ASF/MHS/FHS 2.4GHz systems.

●First MINI-Z Racer chassis with front wheel drive positions the motor behind the front axle in a front midship layout.

●Newly developed Syncro KT-531P transmitter provides full range of setting adjustments.

●New circuit board with newly developed control program realizes dramatically improved steering feel.

●Highly detailed display-standard body is fully factory finished.

●Full ball bearing specifications include 12 bearings.

●Wheelbase can be set to M(90mm), L(94mm) and LL(98mm).

●Compatible with optional gyro unit (MZW431). Volume of gyro effect can be adjusted on the chassis. (**Settings can be adjusted from the transmitter if using KT-432PT transmitter (sold separately)).

●Compatible with optional LED light unit clear & red (MZW429R).


■Length  161.5mm

■Width  70.0mm

■Height  54.0mm

■Wheelbase 98.0mm LL

■Chassis FWDMA-03F

■Front Wheel Offset Narrow +1.5mm (for AWD)

■Rear Wheel Offset Narrow +1.5mm (for AWD)

R/C System Syncro KT-531P


Readyset Contents

●Factory assembled chassis

●Pre-painted plastic body, complete with markings

●2.4GHz Perfex KT-531P 2.4GHz transmitter

●Pinion gears 15T, 17T, 19T, 21T

●Spur gears 27T, 29T, 31T

●Pinion gear tool

●Spare nuts

●Pairing stick

●Tires, wheels

●Mini pylons

Required for Operation

●AAA-size alkaline batteries x 4 or Ni-MH batteries x 4 for chassis.

●AAA-size alkaline batteries x 4 for transmitter

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