Spektrum DX5C Surface Transmitter, DSM-R w/ SR415 Receiver

Spektrum DX5C Surface Transmitter, DSM-R w/ SR415 Receiver

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The all new DX5C from Spektrum gives the flexibility and luxury of 5 channels at a very affordable price point. With its lightweight design, comfortable ergonomics, Back-lit LCD screen, long-range 2.4GHz DSMR technology and long list of features, this radio is sure to impress any RC enthusiast.


  • Lightweight design and comfortable ergonomics
  • Includes SR415 AVC Receiver
  • Frequency Agile, Spektrum DSMR 2.4GHz technology
  • Removable, NonSlip Rubber Grips
  • Tone Alarm for Low Battery and Inactivity
  • Exclusive SimpleScroll interface delivers friendly programming
  • Back Button Makes Navigating the Interface more Intuitive
  • ProLevel Servo Monitor
  • Wheel and trigger calibration gives you the ability to recalibrate the steering and throttle positions for the ultimate in accuracy
  • Program and FineTune Compatible AVC Receivers
  • Steering Mix, 4Wheel Steering Mixing, plus One Assignable Mix
  • EN328 Compatible
  • Bind Progress Screen Displays Status and Frame Rate
  • Spektrum DX5C Surface Transmitter
  • Spektrum DX5C Transmitter

The new epic Spektrum DX5C is the perfect transmitter for any type of surface RC product, including boats. The staggering list of features included with this radio help takes advantage of the 5 channels offered, with virtually unlimited programmability. Built around Spektrum’s frequency agile DSMR 2.4GHZ technology, it can be used for boaters, bashers and scalers alike.

Whilst boasting the latest DSMR technology, the DX5C is also backward compatible with DSM2 and Marine specific Spektrum receivers, meaning the long-time Spektrum user can upgrade to this fantastic system and continue to use their current receivers.

Lightweight and packed with features

The Spektrum DX5C has many advanced programming, coupling this with superb ergonomics and adjustability this radio can be tailored to fit anyone's preferences. It has included an optional large grip and drop-down steering wheel assembly.

Using the Servo monitor menu screen, you can see the operation of each individual channel and avoid any unwanted commands. The in-built Tone alarm will notify you if your battery is running low or the Transmitter has been left switched on.

SimpleScroll Programming at your fingertips

Spektrums innovative and intuitive SimpleScroll interface is super easy to use. All the sophisticated programming features mean nothing if you cannot easily access and use them. Changing parameters is as simple as “scroll and click”, this is such a simple interface to operate that most users will be able to complete complex programming and may never need to refer to the manual.



Stay in control with AVC

Spektrum Active Vehicle Control

Custom tuning of the AVC system is made easy in the DX5C by providing easy access to the dedicated adjustments. Additionally the open channels on the DX5C can be set-up to make adjustments to the Steering and Throttle AVC systems, independently. No matter what type of R/C you’re controlling AVC technology is here to help! AVC can be easily tuned to suit your skill level and driving style with control that makes you feel like the vehicle is on a perfect surface, even when it’s not.

The AVC technology included on the SR415 receiver allows for a much more enjoyable driving experience. It manages the vehicle’s driving characteristic and attitude to help you concentrate on having FUN! The Included SR415 4-channel sport receiver can handle the worst nature and the RF environment can throw at it. It's built around frequency-agile DSMR® technology boasted for its superb range and response, especially in places where a lot of 2.4GHz systems are in use at once. Its fuel-proof case features waterproof† Reliakote™ protection that seals internal electronics from the elements and other corrosives like nitro methane and motor spray.

This Spektrum transmitter is also available with an SR6000 receiver.

What you Need

  • 4 x AA batteries

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