Tamiya Toyota Supra Plastic Model Kit

Tamiya Toyota Supra Plastic Model Kit

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About the Toyota Supra

During the early 1970's, the Toyota Motor Company of Japan ventured into the specialty car field, and soon established a reputation for producing cars with both quality and performance. Their "Supra" series is often described as a re-creation of Toyota's legendary 2000GT sports car, which was an excellent combination of high performance and elegance.

Using their latest racing automotive technology, plus their uncanny design genius, the newly designed Supra made its sensational debut during February 1993. Massive and powerful are the words that can best describe this awesome specialty sports car. The top of the line Supra uses a 3-Liter, DOHC 24 valve, straight six cylinder, twin-turbocharged engine, capable of 320 horsepower and 43.6kg/m of torque. In contrast with the company's previous Supra model, which had a very fluid styling composed of gentle curves, the new Supra has a bold dramatic appearance due to its wider body and larger 17-inch wheels. An oversized rear wing has been installed to improve downforce performance during high-speed cruising. This Supra's newly refined suspension has one of the best road holding systems offered by any mass produced sports car, and with its ventilated disk brakes fitted at all corners, and the front end utilizing four piston calipers, it has unmatched stopping power.

Toyota's Supra is this company's attempt to furnish a car that has uncompromised drivability, safety, high performance and relaxing comfort.

Required items

          Model Paint

•         Model Tools

•         TS Sprays

•         AS Sprays


Note: The color chart below is the paints called out in the assembly manual of the model kit. Duplicate colors shown are in reference to Tamiya bottle paints as available in two sizes; 10ml and 23ml. Choose the bottle volume that best meets your needs. All spray can paints (AS, TS and PS) are available in 100ml.

  • TS-14 - 100ml Black
  • TS-17 - 100ml Aluminum Silver
  • TS-26 - 100ml Pure White
  • TS-40 - 100ml Metal Black
  • TS-8 - 100ml Italian Red
  • X-1 - 23ml Black
  • X-1 - 10ml Black
  • X-10 - 23ml Gun Metal
  • X-10 - 10ml Gun Metal
  • X-11 - 23ml Chrome Silver
  • X-11 - 10ml Chrome Silver
  • X-12 - 23ml Gold Leaf
  • X-12 - 10ml Gold Leaf
  • X-13 - 23ml Metallic Blue
  • X-13 - 10ml Metallic Blue
  • X-18 - 23ml Semi Gloss Black
  • X-18 - 10ml Semi Gloss Black
  • X-26 - 23ml Clear Orange
  • X-26 - 10ml Clear Orange
  • X-27 - 23ml Clear Red
  • X-27 - 10ml Clear Red
  • X-3 - 23ml Royal Blue
  • X-3 - 10ml Royal Blue
  • X-6 - 23ml Orange
  • X-6 - 10ml Orange
  • XF-1 - 23ml Flat Black
  • XF-1 - 10ml Flat Black
  • XF-16 - 23ml Flat Aluminum
  • XF-16 - 10ml Flat Aluminum
  • XF-2 - 23ml Flat White
  • XF-2 - 10ml Flat White
  • XF-55 - 23ml Deck Tan
  • XF-55 - 10ml Deck Tan
  • XF-56 - 23ml Metallic Grey
  • XF-56 - 10ml Metallic Grey

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