Tamiya RC Scania R620 Highline - Blue Edition Kit

Tamiya RC Scania R620 Highline - Blue Edition Kit

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This is a special edition kit of the 1/14 R/C Scania R620 6x4 Highline. The kit includes body components that are pre-painted in Tamiya Synthetic Lacquer TS-51 Racing Blue paint. The body is also clear coated with a urethane clear topcoat.

Type  Detail

  • Scale  1/14
  • Construction type  assembly kit
  • Terrain use   on-road
  • Drive-train   2-axle semi
  • Drive type    3-speed
  • Drive line     solid axle
  • Differential type     gear
  • Suspension  leaf spring
  • Steering mechanism         bell-crank
  • Shock damper        friction damper
  • Shock damper material    aluminum
  • Tire type      rubber
  • Tire tread     radial
  • Body material        ABS Plastic
  • Chassis material     aluminum
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) not included
  • ESC model  n/a
  • LED Light buckets yes
  • LED lights   no
  • Motor 540-brushed type
  • Bearings      metal and plastic bushings
  • Adjustable camber fixed
  • Adjustable toe angles       front only
  • Adjustable ground clearance      fixed
  • Adjustable gear ratio        fixed
  • Adjustable wheelbase      fixed
  • Adjustable track width     fixed
  • Adjustable shock angle    fixed
  • Special feature 1    Length: 520mm Width: 187mm Height: 293mm
  • Special feature 2    Wheelbase: 237+103mm
  • Special feature 3    Tread F/R: 156/138mm
  • Special feature 4    Tire Width: F/R both 22mm
  • Special feature 5    Tire Diameter: F/R both 83mm
  • Special feature 6    Gear Ratio: 1st gear 32.49:1, 2nd gear 17.76:1, 3rd gear 10.66:1
  • Special feature 7    Engine: Electric 540
  • Special feature 8    Chassis Shape: Ladder Type Frame
  • Requires A   7.2 battery & charger
  • Requires B   4-channel radio gear
  • Requires C   TS plastic model paint
  • Requires D   Electronic speed control

Semi-Truck Kits Require

  • 4ch Radio sys.
  • Charger
  • Battery Pack
  • TS Spray
  • 8 x AA batteries
  • Materials-Glue, Tools


Important Radio Information


     Please be advised when choosing a radio for your Tamiya Semi, you need to figure out what your final goal will be. Your choice is between an Analog or Digital trimmed 4ch radio.

If you plan on using your semi without an MFU (Multi-Function Unit), you can use either type radio.

If you even think you might use an Tamiya MFU on your semi, please only use a Analog radio.

Digital trim radios "WILL NOT" work with Tamiya MFU units.

Q. How Can I tell if my radio is Analog or digital trim?

Analog - Radio Trims slide from one end to the other

Digital - Radio Trims are only switches and click in either direction, No Sliding

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