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Arrma 1/8 MOJAVE 4X4 4S BLX Desert Truck RTR Blue Edition ARA4404T2


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Arrma 1/8 MOJAVE 4X4 4S BLX Desert Truck RTR Blue Edition ARA4404T2
Between agile 3S bashers and massive 6S machines comes the platform with benefits of both  the ARRMA® 4S BLX. Get it in desert truck style with the 1/8 scale MOJAVE™ 4S BLX 4X4 RTR, featuring legendary ARRMA toughness plus Spektrum™ brushless power.
  • Scale desert truck body with two color options
  • 4S LiPo-capable Spektrum brushless power system
  • Rugged center diff  new to the 4S BLX 4X4 platform
  • Wishbone dirt guards, outdrive protectors, and chassis dirt drain
  • Inner body with scale looks and added dirt protection
Go brushless bashing in a big way with the affordable ARRMA® MOJAVE™ 4S BLX 4X4 Desert Truck RTR. It’s got it all  legendary toughness, dynamic handling, and the brutal speed of a Spektrum™ 4S-ready brushless power system that’s capable of 50+ mph under optimum conditions. Even better, this high-performance package comes wrapped in exciting 1/8 scale desert truck realism, complete with a detailed cockpit plus a roll cage and roof rails!
Cut loose with incredible acceleration courtesy of the factory-installed Spektrum Firma™ 2400Kv brushless motor and waterproof Firma 120A ESC with IC5® connectors. The heavy-duty composite chassis and EXB (EXtreme Bash)-enhanced transmission take it all in stride. The MOJAVE Desert Truck also introduces a rugged center diff to the ARRMA 4S BLX 4X4 platform, for truly awesome traction and handling.
You’ll find high-quality, rubber-shielded bearings throughout, plus other proven features that deliver unstoppable performance in environments ranging from off-road, dirt, and grass to parking lots, paved and asphalt surfaces. Multi-terrain dBoots® FORTRESS™ LP tires on multi split-spoke wheels give your MOJAVE 4S BLX 4X4 Desert Truck the grip to get up, over, or through any obstacle in your way. A waterproof, metal-geared Spektrum S652 digital servo keeps the steering responsive and reliable.
If you’re a new driver, you’ll be able to set the throttle limits of the included 3-channel Spektrum SLT3™ radio at 50% or 75% until you’re ready to use the full speed potential. Then punch the throttle and let the dirt fly. The ARRMA MOJAVE 4S BLX 4X4 Desert Truck has multiple layers of defense against dirt and debris  including wishbone dirt guards, a chassis dirt drain, outdrive guards for enhanced protection from rocks, and most importantly, an inner body to keep internals clean.
A LiPo battery pack and charger are all that you’ll need to complete the 1/8 scale ARRMA MOJAVE 4S BLX 4X4. Pop in a charged pack and prepare for amplified, all-road ARRMA blasting, desert truck style!
Needed to Complete
(2) 2S LiPo or (1) 3S or 4S LiPo Battery with EC5™ or IC5® Connector
(1) Compatible Battery Charger
Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 90 × 40 × 40 cm



At ARRMA we take bashing to a whole new level. ARRMA is a brand that defines high-speed super-tough RC action. With a wide range of exciting vehicles that provide the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy dirt-blasting RC driving, learn new skills, and inspire others to share your passion for the pulse racing world of ARRMA, your journey starts here.


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