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This is the Caster Racing M-Power Starter 1/8 Off Road Starter Box. This starter box features powerful twin drive motors 750 x 2

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This is the Caster Racing M-Power Starter 1/8 Off Road Starter Box. This starter box features powerful twin drive motors 750 x 2,

and operates on 7.2 volts, giving you the twin power you need to start even the tightest motors. With features such as impact resistant plastics, durable aluminum base and top, as well as high quality electronic components, this starter box will provide you with reliable, trouble free operation. Not only is this box small, light and durable, but it has one of the strongest engines around so you can easily start just about any engine with this box!

Its powered by 2 x 750 motor. which you can start anything.

Note: that this box come with pre-assembled and does not come with batteries. You will suggested to use two stick pack batteries in order to use this box. if you run 1 pack of 7.2V, it will work, but it will run out of the battery quickly. due to the twin power motors.


• Twin 750 Motor

• Light weight

• Easy to carry

• Compact size

• Alum Case


Dimension: 350mm (including Handle) x130x110mm

Weight: 1850g (without battery. Finished weight will depend on battery used)

Use for: 1/8 Off Road buggy & Truggy

NOTE: This starter box is pre-assembled, and requires two stick (or one stick) pack batteries for operation.

1. A long-lasting usage time. Charge less. Do more.

we have improve the starter box by redesign its power supply

circuit. by using 7.2V. With Special High Toque Motor.

You can start off only with 7.2V battery. or you can use 2 x 7.2V in parallel connection.

which can provide a 2 times battery capacity.

2. Lower cost to run your Starter box.

with our new design, you can power the starter box with any of the 7.2V battery , instead of 2 packs.

this can save up your battery cost , and in the mean time, the starter box become lighter for travel

to race tracks.

with this feature, you can use most of the 7.4V Lipo in the market, without using 2 packs, and again

this is also saving on the battery. to do the same job that you wanted to.

3. High Toque Motor design provide a more smooth start of the engine, and also

with the high toque motor, you can start of any engine and any new engine in the market.

without having any starting problems with New Engines. 

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 20 cm





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