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  • Kyosho Mini-Z Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10) Tuned Ver. AWD Electric RTR RC Car – White

Kyosho Mini-Z Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10) Tuned Ver. AWD Electric RTR RC Car – White


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Kyosho Mini-Z Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (KPGC10) Tuned Ver. AWD Electric RTR RC Car – White


Introducing the Readyset version of the Mini-Z AWD, now available to expand its dynamic performance to a wider range of drivers. Equipped with the MA-020 chassis, this model incorporates VCS (variable camber suspension) in the front, optimising camber change based on suspension stroke. It also features a specially designed circuit board.

The chassis design of the Mini-Z AWD Readyset allows for easy installation of the optional Gyro Unit (MZW446 (Sold separately). This gyro can be adjusted using a small volume dial on the chassis, allowing for precise steering correction in response to changes in the car’s posture. This feature enables drivers of all skill levels, from beginners to experts, to unleash their full driving potential. Enhancing the high drive efficiency of the MA-020 chassis, the Readyset comes fully fitted with precision ball bearings. It also includes a unique scale body and a 2.4GHz Syncro KT-531P R/C system, eliminating the need for frequency band setting. All of this comes at a great value price.

Key Features

Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R

The essence of body style lies in its proportion and intricacy. Meticulously crafted injection molded accessory components, such as the front and rear over fenders, seamlessly blend with the chrome bumper and grille, while the replicated GT-R emblem adds the perfect final flourish.

Syncro KT-531P Transmitter

The Syncro KT-531P transmitter offers a range of features such as steering and throttle trim, allowing precise adjustments. Additionally, it allows dual rate adjustment for steering angle, granting flexibility in controlling the car’s manoeuvrability. Moreover, the transmitter provides the ability to regulate the flashing speed of optional LEDs, adding a customisable touch to the overall experience. Notably, a Training Mode feature is incorporated into the transmitter, offering a restricted speed setting for beginners, making it easier to learn and operate the vehicle. By default, the Training Mode is enabled upon shipment.

MA-020-N w/ RA45 Unit

The Special AWD chassis is based on the MA-02 and features the RA45 unit.

Variable Camber Suspension

The VCS front suspension system is designed to enhance camber adjustment in perfect harmony with the suspension stroke. The front suspension coil springs can be effortlessly replaced without the need for any tools.

Rear Suspension

Equipped with strut-type rear suspension for great handling.

Full Bearing Spec

The AWD MA-02 comes with 14 bearings as standard, providing the best performance possible.

  • AWD Readyset (RTR) based on the MA-020 chassis
  • Upgraded circuit board with optimised steering control program
  • Chassis equipped with gyro sensitivity adjustment function
  • Drift tyres included as standard
  • Readyset only requires batteries for immediate action
  • Includes 2.4GHz Syncro KT-531P transmitter with no frequency setup required
  • Factory-completed body with high-quality display model finish
  • Features VCS (variable camber suspension) for adjustable camber based on suspension stroke
  • Front suspension coil spring can be easily replaced without tools
  • Wide range of optional parts available for installation

  • Length: 163.0mm (6.42″)
  • Width: 67.0mm (2.64″)
  • Height: 51.0mm (2.01″)
  • Wheelbase: 94.0mm (3.70″) L
  • Tread F/R: 56.5mm (2.22″)
  • Chassis: MA-020-N
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • Steering: Adjustable via Transmitter
  • Suspension F/R: VCS / Strut
  • Wheel Offset F/R: Narrow +-0mm
  • Motor Mount: MM

Included items
Description QTY
MA-02 AWD Chassis 1
Painted Body Shell 1
Syncro KT-531P Transmitter 1
Mini Pylons Set
Pinion Gears (15T, 17T, 19T, 21T) Set
Spur Gears (27T, 29T, 31T) Set
Spare Nut Set
Wheel Wrench & Pinion Removal Tool Set
Required items (not included)
  • 8 x AAA Batteries
  • Optional ICS can NOT be used. It is not compatible with the KT-18, KT-19, EX-5UR ASF, EX-6 or EX-6R transmitters and is only compatible with the special Gyro Unit (MZW446) (sold separately).
Assembly Type: Ready to Run
Size (Scale): Mini-Z
Skill Level: Beginner
Power Source: Electric Brushed
Chassis Type: Drift
On/Off Road: On Road
Drivetrain: 4WD
Factory specs
Pinion gear: 15T,17T,19T,21T
Spur gear: 27T,29T,31T
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm




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